Apart from the most-known surgeries like – cataract and lasik; Khandwala Eye Hospital and HEM Polyclinic also offers glaucoma surgery to control eye pressure, squint surgeries to align the eye misdirection, lasers for diabetic retinopathy amongst others.
The hospital is equipped with the latest machines and cutting edge technology imported from Switzerland. The main operating machines are Swiss Tech Phaco machine for 1.8mm incision for cataract.Zeiss OCT, Optical Cohorence Tomography the most modern diagnostic tool for patients of diabetic, hypertensive, and all kind of retinal disease. Fundus Fluroscein Angiography (FFA) machine: A machine used, to do the angiography of the eye blood vessel to know the integrity of the blood vessel,Zeiss Humpery perimeter machine a gold standard equipment for the glaucoma and neurological cases imported from USA. In addition,consulting specialists visit the hospital regularly.The hospital has on board – a cornea specialist,a retina specialist and a squint specialist. Currently the hospital is in the process of upgrading its lasik machine to the latest one in the global market Dr. Mayank Khandwala also plans to establish a teaching institute with an optometry school. Apart from eye care,the HEM Polyclinic offers quality dental and weight loss facilities headed by Dr. Hetal Doshi and Dr. Hemangi Jhaveri respectively.

Meet our core team

Khandwala's Eye Hopital & HEM Polyclinic. (K.E.H) is a diverse group of staff with expertise in complete Eyecare, Weighloss and Detalcare ...

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Dr.Mayank Khandwala
Dr.Mayank Khandwala
Dr.Mayank Khandwala

Eye Specialist

+61 (0) 3 8376 6284

Dr. Hemangi Jhaveri
Dr. Hemangi Jhaveri
Dr. Hemangi Jhaveri

Consulting Homoeopath & Nutritionist

+61 (0) 3 8376 6284

Dr. Hetal Doshi
Dr. Hetal Doshi
Dr. Hetal Doshi

Dental Surgeon

+61 (0) 3 8376 6284

Why Us..

State-of-the-art technology and trained,experienced team of doctors

Khandwala Eye Hospital has fully equipped examination rooms with trained eye surgeons who conduct the detailed comprehensive ophthalmic examination.

Khandwala Eye Hopital has a dedicated team for each specialty.
Khandwala Eye Hospital also has its own international standard modular operation theatre.
Khandwala Eye Hospital has a team of highly trained and experienced doctors who have been educated at some of the most renowned universities.
High quality standards..
All the staff members are trained to handle various emergency situations.
Patient safety is considered as a top priority.
Emergency eye treatment team and anesthetist are available round the clock, through the week.
Complete eye care under one roof.
Whether it’s a complicated Vitreo-Retinal surgery,or a simple eye check up, K.E.H offers medical care for all Eye related problems under one roof..
Our medical services include:
Refractive Surgery/ PRK, LASIK & Femto Laser.
Cataract & Comprehensive Opthalmology.
Pediatric Opthalmology & Strabismus.
Ocular inflammation and immunology.
Oculoplastic/ Aesthetic Eyeplastic.
Cornea and external eye diseases.
Community Opthalmology.
Neuro Opthalmology.
Eye bank.
First preference to elderly, children, handicapped and accident patients..
Khandwala Eye Hospital gives priority to accident patients, handicap patients, children below 8 years, and elders older than 80 years of age.